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SLU - Madrid's Master in Spanish

Our degree offers a holistic approach to the study of the Spanish language, culture and literature.

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The M.A. in Spanish requires a total of 30 credits (10 courses), including at least two courses in each of the following areas:

Peninsular Spanish Studies
  • Spanish in the World
  • Contemporary Spanish Culture and Civilization
  • El Cantar de Mio Cid, Libro de buen amor and La Celestina
  • Don Quijote
  • Contemporary Spanish Short Story
  • Twentieth-Century Spanish Poetry
  • Twentieth-Century Spanish Novel
  • Twentieth-Century Spanish Drama
  • Spanish Literature and Film (of Desire)
  • Spanish Literature and Film: Buñuel & Galdós
  • Peninsular Spanish Poetry from 1965 to the Present
  • Spanish Novel After 1970
  • Spanish Literature and Film
  • Contemporary Spanish Women Writers
  • Generation of ’98
  • Honor in Spanish Drama
  • Madrid In Spanish Literature
  • Spanish Narrative 1990 – 2014
  • Spanish Text & Discourse Analysis
  • Testimony Women Prisoners of Spain
  • The Avant Garde and the Generation of ‘27
  • The Other Cervantes
  • 20th-Century Spanish Prose Masters
  • Spanish Romanticism
Latin American Studies
  • Contemporary Latin American Short Story
  • Latin American “Modernismo”
  • Contemporary Latin American Poetry
  • Early Latin American Novel
  • Contemporary Latin American novel
  • Women Writing Women: Latin American Women Playwrights
  • The African Experience in Spanish America
  • Women’s Literature in Latin America
  • Latin American Literature and Film
  • From West Side Story to Hip-Hop: Studies in Latino/a Performance
  • Hispanic Short Story
  • Contemporary Hispanic Short Short Story
  • Contemporary Latin American Theatre
  • Gender and Sexuality in Latino/a Cultural Production
  • Hispanic Literature in the United States
  • Contemporary Latin American Women Writers
  • Latin American Writers and the Spanish Civil War
Teaching and Linguistics
  • Spanish Linguistics
  • Spanish Phonology and its Place in the Spanish Classroom
  • Method and Technology: Teaching Spanish
  • Spanish Grammar and its Place in the Classroom
  • Spanish Second Language Acquisition
(+34) 915-545-858 (SP) (+34) 915-545-858 (SP)
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